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Pumpkin patch

who's talking here?

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Lori 1
Megz 6
WifeofaSoldier 1
~esse est percipi~ 4
Dani 2
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~esse est percipi~ --- 8 years ago -

Anyone tell me where? in spring lake or fay? we wanna go and pick some pumpkins :) also if any does apple picking? Thanks in advance! 

♥ G&R ♥ --- 8 years ago -

lol...i believe its in fay...i know it's open tho cause thursday i believe it was all the kindergarden classes went and brought home a pumpkin. my son was beyond excited. he brings me his pumpkin every few minutes since he got it and tells me to make pumpkin pie lmfao. 

Lori --- 8 years ago -

I think Gillis Hill Farm has a pumkin patch. It is down Gillis Hill Rd behind the Raeford Walmart. 


~esse est percipi~ --- 8 years ago -

See I thought that's where we went last year when the hubby was home. And I called to find out when the hours were and stuff to take my girls, was even on the same web site you just gave, and the lady who answered said they don't have a pumpkin I was like totally baffled and questioning if I really went to that one last year LOL! I just don't wanna go there and have them not have it. So confused. lol Do you by chance know the hours? I guess I can try callin em again 

Mrs. Forty --- 8 years ago -

My son had me carve the little pumpkin he brought home. I had never carved one before so that was not fun. I hate gutting pumpkins, yucky! 

WifeofaSoldier --- 8 years ago - This place is out inbetween Linden Oaks and the Sanford Walmart. The have the corn mazes and pumpkin patch. We are going there this year we went to pick Strawberries there in the Spring and loved it. 

~esse est percipi~ --- 8 years ago - OKAY! That is soooo the one we went to. I knew it began with a "G" THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Cassie --- 8 years ago - This place is out inbetween Linden Oaks and the Sanford Walmart. The have the corn mazes and pumpkin patch. We are going there this year we went to pick Strawberries there in the Spring and loved it. Yeah we went to this one last year. I had such a good time. We want to go to a different one as well as this one. I love October because of all the fun starts in October. LOL I love this time of year. 

Megz --- 8 years ago -

is gross farms the one thats advertising on the radio about finishing the corn maze then taking a haunted hayride to the pumpkin patch? 

~esse est percipi~ --- 8 years ago -

Not sure if its gross farms, but that place was LOADS of fun last year. Had an awesome time. Going next weekend! 

Megz --- 8 years ago -

i found the one i was talkign about. its clayton fear farms in clayton. OMG it looks awesome and considering what all is included in the price its not bad (40 for 7 haunted attractions) but its not recommended for anyone under 12 and my gf has a 6 yr old so besides finding the money for it and gas money we would have to find someone to watch her son. maybe we can go there next year. oh well this year I think we are gonna go to gross farms 

Dani --- 8 years ago -

Whats the place your talkinga bout called meg? I have a six year old too but she is really into haunted houses lol, we ahve already been to scarowinds twice and will prob go back next weekend ( gotta get our money worth we have season passes lol) 

Megz --- 8 years ago -

its called clayton fear farms in clayton. if you google it it should pull up the site, it looks awesome. haunted hayride, haunted walk through a cemetary and 5 haunted houses. I soooo wanna go. i just wont have the money to go this year bc im surprising my mom and my niece and nephew who live in florida in 2 weeks by visiting. 

Megz --- 8 years ago -

whats scarowinds? 

Dani --- 8 years ago -

Its a thing at carowinds amusment park they redo it all for halloween its soo cool! you can google it and find a website im sure, its in charolette though, about a 2 hour drive for us but soo worth it 

Megz --- 8 years ago -

dang sounds awesome Ill look into it 

Cassie --- 8 years ago -

yeah thats Gross farms with the haunted ride but that starts at night. 

Megz --- 8 years ago -

any clue if a 6 yr old would like the haunted ride? 

Cassie --- 8 years ago -

wow don't really know if they are into that sorta stuff. do you know if they like to get scared? If so then most likely they would really get a kick out of it. 

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